I’m a software engineer at Instructure in Salt Lake City, UT, and a partner at SportSpyder.


I am formally educated in the fine arts, concentrating in design and photography. I’ve worked at various small companies for the past decade as a graphic designer and software developer. The first was a popular but now defunct peer-to-peer software company. I then spent four years at Amici — a successful legal software company that grew fast, and was bought by Xerox. After my departure from Amici/Xerox, I joined Maintainable Software for six years doing both software consulting and work on a remarkable product for manufacturing test systems.

For the past ten years I have been working on a sports website — SportSpyder.com with my brother Dallas. SportSpyder is essential if you’re a sports fan!

I’ve contributed to multiple open source projects including Ruby on Rails, PHPUnit, Horde, Maintainable Framework, and Zend Framework. I’ve also contributed website design for multiple open source projects such as RubyOSA, Supervisor, and Repoze. Other open source projects can be found on my GitHub Page.


When not behind the computer, I’m with my family and Italian Greyhound enjoying the amazing outdoors activities around Utah.

About this Site

This website has been around since 2001, and has changed quite a few times. It used to just show off my artwork, but I’ve moved most of that to flickr. I’ll make an area for this stuff again here soon hopefully.